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LUKA BLOOM: "There is nothing more pure in music than friends coming together to create, perform and record music and songs. It is the creative department in community. The Diviners are very good at it. I love it when I can feel the bond in the music.""


Blending invention with tradition, new compositions with old, THE DIVINERS are an innovative trad/folk act. Accomplished multi-instrumentalists – what sets them apart is the depth and authenticity of the songs and tunes they compose..


JOHN SPILLANE: "ROSTELLAN WOOD is a magical and haunting slow air with powerful Gaelic overtones but also with flavours of Native American and other World Music origins […] BEFORE HIS TEARS WILL FLOW is a deep and fascinating insight into one man's personal epiphany.”


Singing and playing a range of instruments - including bouzouki, cello, whistles, flute, guitar, five-string banjo, fiddle, bodhrán, shruti box and harmonica – THE DIVINERS are a dynamic live act. The power and diversity of their arrangements, their unflinching regard for audience and tradition, makes THE DIVINERS in concert an experience to remember.


HARRY MOORE: [Sound Artist]. “I was blown away by The Diviners. Inspiring.”


From various backgrounds in the creative community, THE DIVINERS bring a wealth of multi-disciplinary experience to their compositions. Ciarán, a previous winner of The Cork Literary Review, is a published poet and has been shortlisted for the Bridport and Phras Awards. Eoin, a founding member of The Weir Folk Club, has played and toured with David Hope and The Henchmen and was a long-term member of The Céilí Allstars. Ilse de Ziah, a world-renowned Cellist, lectures in chamber music in University College Cork. She has produced two books on Irish Traditional Music on cello, collaborated with filmmaker Maarten Roos on an award winning documentary and released two solo albums of cello music.


With the release of their début EP, ‘earshot‘, THE DIVINERS proved themselves skilled exponents of innovation and tradition, setting themselves firmly at the heart of the Irish folk scene.


JOHN SPILLANE: "A powerful collection of music and song […] executed with an unflinching confidence that makes The Diviners a very serious Irish Band, who have already made an indelible mark on Irish Music with this first, powerful release.”



EOIN JORDAN: Bouzouki; Guitar; Five-String Banjo; Bodhrán; Vocals.

CIARÁN RUBY: Whistles; Guitar; Flute; Shruti Box; Harmonica; Bodhrán; Vocals.

ILSE DE ZIAH: Cello: Fiddle: Vocals.

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"instrumental melodies that are haunting but also uplifting ... stirring vocals ... beautiful." 


Battle of the Starlings

 A dark, compelling love story set against the backdrop of a real historical event.


Over three days in October 1621, two vast armies of starlings fought in the skies above Cork City, Ireland. 


The song imagines a couple on their wedding day who bear witness to this terrifying spectacle. As witnesses they must ultimately face the consequences.

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