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Blending invention with tradition, new compositions with old, THE DIVINERS are an innovative traditional and folk band from Cork, Ireland. Accomplished multi-instrumentalists – what sets them apart is the depth and authenticity of the songs and tunes they compose.


With a dynamic line-up, including world-renowned cellist Ilse de Ziah, the music they create is rich, deep and compelling. Mining the tradition while forging ahead with the new, the sound they make is unmistakable.

The power and diversity of their arrangements, their unflinching regard for audience, makes THE DIVINERS in concert an experience to remember.




EOIN JORDAN: Bouzouki; Guitar; Five-String Banjo; Bodhrán; Vocals.

CIARÁN RUBY: .Whistles; Guitar; Flute; Shruti Box; Harmonica; Bodhrán; Vocals

ILSE DE ZIAH: Cello; Fiddle; Vocals

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