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BATTLE OF THE STARLINGS. A dark, compelling love story set against the backdrop of a real historical event.

Written by Ciarán Ruby.

Released October 23rd 2021.

THE MAN BRANSFIELD .  Written to commemorate forgotten

Cork man Edward Bransfield on the 200th Anniversary of his discovery of Antarctica in January 1820.

Written by Ciarán Ruby

With over 11k views on facebook . . .

JOHN SPILLANE: “ROSTELLAN WOOD is a magical and haunting slow air with powerful Gaelic overtones but also with flavours of Native American and other World Music."

Composed by Ciarán Ruby.

A Blast of Traditional Tunes . . . 

Live & Socially Distanced

during Lockdown No. 1 in Rostellan Wood

The second tune in this set 'THE FUNT IN THE HOLE' - a finely-crafted, foot-stomping tune in the American Old-Timey Fiddle tradition - was composed by Eoin Jordan.

Live and Unplugged in Clonakilty Arts Centre, West Cork, Ireland.

Live during Lockdown at 'Kindred Spirits', the iconic sculpture in honour of the Choctaw Nations' generosity to the Irish during the Great Famine.


Tune composed by Anthony Ruby

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